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Human Playback preferences

In addition to customizing a Human Playback style, you can create multiple sets of Human Playback preferences, each tailored to a specific situation or even a specific file. You can also attach your Human Playback preferences to an individual file, so that it always opens with the correct set of options.

All Human Playback preferences are set in the Human Playback Preferences dialog box. Notice that, under Human Playback Preferences Set, the default set of Human Playback preferences is called "Default Prefs." This is the set that is used for all Finale files unless you specify otherwise. If you make any changes to your Human Playback preferences, they will automatically be saved to this set (unless you check Locked).

If you have made changes to this set but later decide you want to discard them, click the Default button to revert to the original settings. You can also save a copy of the original settings, or create additional customized sets, by clicking the Duplicate button. Click the Attach to [Active File] check box if you want the current set of Human Playback preferences to be saved with the document you are working on. A Human Playback preferences set that has been attached to a Finale document will temporarily override the currently selected set whenever that document is opened. The Locked option protects the active set and prevents any changes from being made to it.

The default settings work well for most situations, but in this section you'll learn how each of these items affects Garritan Instrument playback.


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