Ossia tool

Use this tool to create floating measures — one-bar alternative passages that you can place anywhere in the score. Such a measure might provide an explanation of a trill, propose a cadenza, or suggest an easier alternative to the real measure.

Noteman says: Positioning values are always in the unit of measurement chosen under the Edit menu. To set a measurement unit, choose Edit > Measurement Units.

Floating measures can be dragged freely around the page. These “ossia” measures don’t play back; they’re purely graphic. A measure-assigned ossia measure remains attached to its measure in the score, even if that measure’s position in the score changes. A page-assigned ossia measure, which you create in Page View, remains fixed to a given spot on the page, regardless of any repositioning of the music around it. See Ossia for full instructions. For further information, see the Ossia Measure Designer dialog box.

For information regarding page-attached ossia measures in linked parts, see Ossia measures in linked parts.

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