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The PrintMusic Reference includes descriptions of all menu items, dialog box commands, and other information regarding PrintMusic's functions.



Articulation tool

Chord tool

Clef tool

Expression tool

Graphics tool

Handgrabber tool

HyperScribe tool

Key Signature tool

Lyrics tool

Measure tool

Page Layout tool

Repeat tool

Resize tool

Selection tool

Simple Entry tool

Smart Shape tool

Speedy Entry tool

Staff tool

Text tool

Time Signature tool

Tuplet tool

Zoom tool


Chord menu

Document menu

Edit menu

File menu

Graphics menu

HyperScribe menu

Lyrics menu

Utilities menu

Measure menu

MIDI menu

Page Layout menu

Repeat menu

Simple menu

Smart Shape menu

Speedy menu

Staff menu

Text menu

View menu

Window menu

Help menu

Dialog boxes

"There are too many beats"

Add Measures

Alternate Notation

Apply Alternate Notation

Articulation Selection

Backward Repeat Bar Assignment

Band in a Box Auto Harmonizing

Bracket Attributes

Change Clef

Chord Suffix Selection

Click and Countoff

Create Coda System

Create Ending

Drum Groove

Edit Page Margins

Edit Page Size

Edit System Margins

Export MusicXML

Expression Selection

Extract Parts

File Info

Fit Measures

Fixed Split Point


Import MusicXML

Insert Measures

Instrument Definition

Instrument List

Instrument Name Assignments

Key Signature

Launch Window


Manage VST Plug-ins

Measure Attributes


MIDI Setup

Move/Copy Layers


Page Setup

Paste Multiple

Pickup Measure


Program Options

Quantization Settings

Recording Tempo and Click

Repeat Selection

Resize Fretboards

Resize Page

Resize Staff

Resize Staff System

Save As dialog box

Save As Audio File

Score System Divider

Select Default Fonts

Setup Wizard

Simple Entry Tuplet Definition


SmartScore Lite

SmartScore Lite 5.6

SoftSynth Settings

Space Systems Evenly

Specify Current Lyric

Speedy Options

Staff Attributes

Symbol Selection

Text Expression Designer-Main

Text Expression Designer-Tempo

Time Signature


Tuplet Definition

Unknown Chord Suffix

VST Instruments


Keyboard Shortcuts

File Menu

Edit Menu

Window Menu

View Menu


Articulation Tool

Chord Tool

Clef Tool

Expression Tool

HyperScribe Tool

Lyrics Tool

Selection Tool

Measure Tool

Page Layout Tool


Repeat Tool

Resize Tool

Simple Entry Tool

SmartShape Tool

Speedy Entry Tool

Staff Tool

Text Tool

Tuplet Tool



Broadway Copyist


Bank Select Bank Change Table

General MIDI Patch Set Groupings Table

General MIDI Percussion Map Table

General MIDI Table

Human Playback Dictionary

Interface Changes

Marching Percussion Map Table

MIDI Note to Pitch Table

PrintMusic File Extensions

PrintMusic Score Templates

Quantization Settings Guide


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