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Adding repeats and inserting music

Using the Repeat tool and inserting music.

In any score, as you move through the process of adding various elements, you will find the need to make adjustments to different aspects of the music to accommodate your changes. This requires switching between various tools and features. At this point, our project requires us to add a first and second ending, which means we will need to make some adjustments to the measures and lyrics along the way.

By the end of this lesson, you will know how to:

  1. Add "Simple Repeats" (forward and backward repeat barlines)
  2. Copy and insert music
  3. Delete and edit lyrics
  4. Add a 1st and 2nd ending

Adding repeat barlines

The most basic repeat indication is a forward and backward repeat barline surrounding the repeated music. This can be added easily by selecting the region to be repeated.

To add repeat barlines

  1. Select the Repeat tool .
  2. Click on measure 1 (any staff).
  3. SHIFT+click on measure 16 (any staff).
  4. Choose Repeat > Create Simple Repeat.

Copying and inserting

We will be adding a first and second ending to our score, but first we need to add the music for first measure of the second ending. This happens to give us an excellent opportunity to demonstrate copying and inserting.

To copy and insert

  1. Choose the Selection tool .
  2. Double-click measure 15 to select the measure stack.
  3. Hold down the ALT key, then drag to the right until a green bar appears at the beginning of measure 17, then release the mouse button. Finale inserts this measure before measure 17.

Tip: If the place you wish to insert music lies outside the viewable region, copy the stack as you would normally, select the measure stack of the target and choose Edit > Insert. The new measures are inserted before the target selection. You can do the same for non-stack selections, nudging music in the affected staves toward the end of the score. See To copy and insert stacks, To copy and insert by dragging, and To copy and insert using the clipboard for more details.

Adding 1st and 2nd endings

Because our second verse begins on beat four of measure 16, we need to add two endings.

To start, edit the lyrics and notes in measure 16 as follows

  1. In measure 16, top staff, change the whole note to a dotted half note and add a quarter note D below the staff on beat 4.
  2. Add "And" below the quarter note on beat 4 of measure 16 (in verse 1). If the lyrics cursor appears in verse 2, press the UP ARROW to move up to verse 1.
  3. Add "syne." to the whole note in the last measure (in verse 1).
  4. Go back to measure 1 and delete the "And" in the pickup measure in verse 2 with the Lyrics tool.



Noteman says: The word extensions do not update instantly as you type or edit lyrics. They will appear when you change tools or perform another action that prompts a screen redraw.

To add the 1st and 2nd ending brackets

  1. Select the Repeat tool .
  2. Click to select measure 15, top staff.
  3. SHIFT-click measure 16, top staff.
  4. Right-click in the selection and choose Create First and Second Ending. Finale places both brackets into your music and configures your playback to jump to the second ending on the second time through your music. You will see handles appear on all the staves, because repeats always apply to all score/part staves (but are hidden on all staves but the top one by default).

Noteman says: To quickly check that your repeats are configured correctly, click on the Repeat menu and select Check Repeats. Finale displays the playback route it will take when you press Play.

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