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Finale Mallets font

The Finale Mallets font includes icons to represent any variety of mallet usages, including the ability to create cross-mallet symbols. To do so, use two zero-width characters that overlap; for example, type a colon followed by 7 to combine the two characters into the symbol , which indicates that the performer should use a yarn mallet in the left hand, and a hard mallet in the right hand. You can even create pairs of mallets for both hands as an expression.

To create a mallet expression

  1. Choose the Expression tool and double-click where you'd like the mallet indicator to appear. The Expression Selection dialog box appears.
  2. Choose the Miscellaneous category on the left and click Create Misc. Expression.
  3. From the Font drop-down menu, choose Finale Mallets.
  4. Set the font size to 24 point.
  5. In the Text field, type the left and right characters for the left hand.
  6. Type "+".
  7. Type the left and right characters for the right hand.
  8. From the Enclosure Shape drop-down menu, choose Rectangle.
  9. Click OK, and click Assign.

Tip: If there are mallet combinations that you use in multiple documents, consider saving a text expression library, or even include them in a new document style.

Finale Mallets character set

Keystroke Character Description With SHIFT Character Description
1 timpani soft mallet right ! timpani soft mallet left
2 timpani medium mallet right @ timpani medium mallet left
3 timpani hard mallet right # timpani hard mallet left
4 timpani wood mallet right $ timpani wood mallet left
5 xylophone soft mallet right % xylophone soft mallet left
6 xylophone medium mallet right ^ xylophone medium mallet left
7 xylophone hard mallet right & xylophone hard mallet left
8 hard sticks right (wood or plastic heads) or xylophone wood mallet right * hard sticks left (wood or plastic heads) or xylophone wood mallet left
9 yarn beater soft right ( yarn beater soft left
0 yarn beater medium right ) yarn beater medium left
; yarn beater hard right : yarn beater hard left
a bass drum soft mallet up A bass drum soft mallet down
b N/A N/A B drumstick
c N/A N/A C spoon-shaped wooden mallet
d bass drum hard mallet up D bass drum hard mallet down
e timpani hard mallet up E timpani hard mallet down
f bass drum double mallet up F bass drum double mallet down
g snare sticks up G snare sticks down
h jazz sticks up (plastic tip snare sticks) H jazz sticks down (plastic tip snare sticks)
i hard sticks up (wood or plastic heads) or xylophone wood mallet up I hard sticks down (wood or plastic heads) or xylophone wood mallet down
j brass mallet up J brass mallet down
k rawhide/chime hammer up K rawhide/chime hammer down
l triangle beater L guiro scraper
m wire brushes up M wire brushes down
n brass mallet right N brass mallet left
o yarn beater soft up O yarn beater soft down
p yarn beater medium up P yarn beater medium down
q timpani soft mallet up Q timpani soft mallet down
r timpani wood mallet up R timpani wood mallet down
s bass drum medium mallet up S bass drum medium mallet down
t xylophone soft mallet up T xylophone soft mallet down
u xylophone hard mallet up U xylophone hard mallet down
w timpani medium mallet up W timpani medium mallet down
x hammer X metal hammer
y xylophone medium mallet up Y xylophone medium mallet down
z coins Z knitting needle
[ yarn beater hard up { yarn beater heard down
] hand } fist
\ finger | fingernail
=   +  
-   _ N/A N/A

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