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Configuring MacSymbolFonts.txt

Each Finale installation includes a file named MacSymbolFonts.txt. This file can be edited to address two different situations:

Noteman says: When you install a new version of Finale on your computer, MacSymbolFonts.txt is not copied from the previous version. To migrate this file, see To migrate settings and support files from one version of Finale to another.

It is essential that the MacSymbolFonts.txt file be placed in the application folder for both Windows and Mac users (note that in spite of its title, this is a required file for Windows). This user-editable text file contains the names of all the Mac fonts that are symbol fonts and therefore do not need to be converted (as opposed to text fonts which will be converted).

To edit the MacSymbolFonts text file

  1. Quit Finale.
  2. Navigate to the Configuration Files folder (see Finale Installation Details).
  3. Open the MacSymbolFonts.txt file in a text editor such as WordPad or SimpleText.
  4. Add each font name to the font list on its own line.

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