Sound Maps

Noteman says: When you install a new version of Finale on your computer, sound maps and the sound map priority are not copied from the previous version. To migrate these files, see To migrate settings and support files from one version of Finale to another.

A Sound Map is an internal file that contains the list of sound samples available for a particular sound library and matches those samples with an Instrument from Finale's internal Instrument database. All available Sound Maps are listed, in order of the priority they will be used, in the Sound Map Priority dialog box. Sound Maps allow Finale to automatically assign the appropriate playback sound for each Instrument added to your score. For example, Sound Maps are used behind-the-scenes to assign sounds whenever starting a new score with the Setup Wizard, and when adding or changing Instruments in the Score Manager.

Sound assignments are always saved with the document. When you transfer a document to a different computer with a different sound installation, you can instantly reassign all sounds based on the computer's available sound libraries (see MIDI/Audio/Reassign Playback Sounds). If a document includes an instrument that is not defined in the available Sound Maps, Finale automatically assigns a General MIDI fallback sound to the Instrument. For example, Ukelele's fallback sound is Classical Guitar (GM patch 25).

In addition to the Sound Maps that accompany the included Garritan instruments as part of your Finale installation, additional Sound Maps are available for all VST sounds MakeMusic sells. See our Knowledge Base for more information. Editing or adding new Sound Maps for third-party sound libraries is not supported.

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