Recording with HyperScribe®

Noteman says: View the Entering music with a MIDI keyboard QuickStart Video for an overview.

Finale includes two types of recording with HyperScribe: a real-time MIDI transcription recorded using an external MIDI device such as a MIDI keyboard, or an audio track recorded using a microphone attached to your computer.

When you’re recording a real-time MIDI performance using HyperScribe, you can provide the click yourself by tapping a note on your MIDI keyboard, a foot pedal, and so on (if Tap is selected in the Beat Source submenu). Or, another computer or MIDI device can provide a time code that Finale can sync to (if External MIDI Sync is selected in the Beat Source submenu). If you prefer, however, you can have Finale provide a metronome click, which can be internal, or triggered by playing a certain MIDI note (if Playback and/or Click is selected in the Beat Source submenu).

When you're recording an audio track, the live performance must be in real-time and match the desired playback tempo. For details, see To record an audio track below. Note that a recorded audio track is not transcribed into musical notation.

Tip: See Playing-in music–HyperScribe for a step-by-step tutorial that explains how to enter music in real-time with a MIDI keyboard.

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