Edit Text (limited) dialog box

How to get there

There are two ways to enter this window, depending on whether you want to edit a staff name or a group name:

  • To edit a staff name, choose Window > Score Manager. Select an instrument and click Full Name or Abbr. Name.
  • To edit a group name, choose the Staff tool . Click a group handle, then choose Staff > Group and Bracket > Edit (or,right+click a group handle on-screen). In the Group Attributes dialog box, next to the full or abbreviated group name, click Edit.

Noteman says: You can also edit lyrics using Finale’s Lyrics window. See Lyrics window.

What it does

The Edit Text window displays text in the same fonts and styles that will appear on the screen and on printout. A rectangle around a portion of text indicates an insert command was used to display the date, composer, or similar text items (see Text menu/Inserts for a complete list of inserts). The Edit and Text menus are available when the window appears so you can copy and paste text, change fonts and styles, and carry out other editing tasks. Note that text always appears left-justified within the display area and the commands in the Justification submenu are not available in the Text menu when the Edit Text window is displayed; to change the justification of the text, change the justification of staff and group names in the Position Staff Name and Position Group Name dialog boxes. For details, see Text menu and Edit menu, and see Position dialog boxes.

  • Editing: [Item Type] • ID [ID #]. These settings identify the text block you’re currently editing. The type of text block being edited—full or abbreviated staff name, group name, or block of text—appears first (Item Type). The text’s Finale-assigned ID number also appears.
  • OK • Cancel. Click OK to confirm your settings and return to the score. Click Cancel to return to the score without changing the settings.

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