Speedy Options dialog box

How to get there

  1. Click the Speedy tool . The Speedy menu appears.
  2. Choose Speedy > Speedy Options.

What it does

When you click on a measure with the Speedy Entry tool, an editing frame is drawn around the measure clicked. The Speedy Options dialog box allows you to control the size of this editing frame. You can also change other functions of the Speedy Frame in this dialog box. In the bottom of the dialog box, you can specify how Finale responds to your MIDI keyboard.

  • Speedy Frame: Size to Staff • Minimum Percentage • Maximum Percentage. Select this option to adjust the size of the Speedy Frame based on a combination of the view percentage and the size of the staff. Use the Minimum and Maximum text boxes to keep the Speedy Frame within reasonable limits.
  • Speedy Frame: Use Fixed Scaling of. Select this option to set the size of the Speedy Frame to a specific percentage. Enter a percentage of the original staff in the text box. The Speedy Frame will be displayed in the selected percentage.
  • Fill With Rests at End of Measure. Check this box to have Finale add enough rests to make a full measure upon exiting the measure.
  • Auto Launch Speedy Frame. With this option checked, selecting the Speedy Entry Tool will open a measure for editing. No mouse click is needed.
  • Use MIDI Keyboard for Input • Use MIDI Modifier Keys when in MIDI Input Mode. The Use MIDI Keyboard for Input check box mirrors the Use MIDI Keyboard for Input item in the Speedy menu. When Use MIDI Modifiers is checked, Finale responds to MIDI signals to set the duration, tie notes and other functions, as specified in the selected Key Map.
  • MIDI Modifier Assignments: [Key Map list] • Create Key Map • Edit Key Map • Delete Key Map. Select a map of MIDI keys from the drop-down menu to use, edit, or delete. To create a new map, click Create Key Map. Select a map and click Edit Key Map to modify the selected map. See Edit MIDI Modifiers dialog box. To remove a map, select it then click Delete Key Map.
  • OK • Cancel. Click OK to confirm, or Cancel to discard, your speedy frame settings and return to the score.

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