Transposition dialog box

How to get there

The Transposition dialog box can be accessed in two ways, depending on whether you are applying a transposition to your score or when programming a transposition Metatool:

  1. Choose the Selection tool , and select a region of measures.
  2. Choose Utilities > Transpose.

What it does

In this dialog box you can specify a transposition of any interval, from a half step to many octaves, you want to be applied to the selected measures (or to the mirror, or to a note in the selected motif). This kind of transposition has nothing to do with the key signature; it merely transposes the selected music up or down by the interval you specify, adding or subtracting accidentals as necessary.

  • Up • Down. Choose the direction of the transposition relative to the existing notes.
  • Diatonically • Chromatically. Specify what kind of transposition you want—a diatonic one (that moves notes up and down the scale) or a chromatic one (that can move notes by half steps).
  • Interval: • Perfect Unison • minor second […etc.] • Perfect Octave • Other. From this drop-down menu, choose the interval by which you want the selected music transposed. To transpose an interval greater than an octave, you can add one octave (or several) to the selected interval by entering a number in the Plus __ octaves text box (see below). If you choose Other, the Interval dialog box is displayed, so that you can specify an interval not listed in the drop-down menu. (See Interval dialog box.)
  • Plus ____ Octaves. If you enter a number in this text box, Finale adds that number of octaves to the interval you’ve specified. (You can enter a negative number if you want to transpose the selected music by that number of octaves in the opposite direction from the interval you’ve specified.)
  • Preserve Original Notes. Select this option when you want to keep the original line of music when transposing notes to a selected interval. In effect, you’re doubling the notes in your score. When this option is not selected, Finale transposes the existing line of notes without keeping the original line.
  • OK • Cancel. Click OK to confirm, or Cancel to discard, your transposition selection. If you click OK, Finale performs the transposition.


Metatool Transposition
CTRL+6 Down major second
CTRL+7 Up major second
CTRL+8 Down octave
CTRL+9 Up octave

To program a transposition Metatool, choose a tool that supports measure selection (see Selecting music). Hold down the CTRL and SHIFT key and press 6, 7, 8, or 9 to open the Transposition dialog box.

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