Hand Grabber tool

When the Hand Grabber Tool is selected, you can drag the mouse across the music in any direction to shift its position on your screen, as though you’re sliding the score page across your desk. In most cases, it’s a faster, more efficient way of moving around the score than using the scroll bars.

In order to speed up your work with Finale, you may want to limit the number of times Finale redraws the screen picture—a process that requires the computer to do time-consuming calculations, particularly with large scores. Occasionally, you need to move both scroll bars—for example, if you want to move diagonally across the page—which means that Finale must redraw the screen at least twice.

In those situations, adjust the screen picture using the Hand Grabber Tool instead of the scroll bars; this tool lets you drag the display in any direction without redrawing until you let go. Finally, as a shortcut, remember that you can switch to the Hand Grabber—regardless of which tool is highlighted on the palette—by pressing the right mouse button while dragging.

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