Fixed Split Point dialog box

How to get there

  • Choose the HyperScribe tool . The HyperScribe menu appears. Choose HyperScribe > Record Mode > Split into Two Staves.

What it does

When you’re playing a two-handed keyboard performance into Finale, it needs some instructions for splitting the incoming music onto separate staves. This option lets you designate a note on your MIDI keyboard as the "split point" pitch. All notes on or above this pitch are transcribed onto the upper staff, and all notes below it are assigned to the lower staff.

  • Split at MIDI Note:. In this text box, you identify a MIDI Note below which all music should be split onto the lower (left-hand) staff. This note is determined by the standard MIDI key numbering system, where keys are numbered sequentially from left to right, and middle C is 60. Instead of figuring out the number to enter here, you may find it easier to use the Listen button (see below).
  • Listen. When you click this button, Finale goes into "listen" mode, waiting for a MIDI signal. (A message to this effect appears on the screen.) Simply play the desired key on your keyboard; Finale enters the appropriate key number in the text box.
  • OK • Cancel. Click OK to confirm the split point and return to the score. Your transcription will now be correctly split onto two staves. Click Cancel to return to the score without specifying a split point. Your transcription will appear on a single staff.

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