Noteman says: View the Adding expressions and dynamics QuickStart Video for an overview.

Dynamics, along with other Text Expressions, are stored in a Text Expressions Library. Finale's Document Styles all include libraries with dynamic markings so if you begin with the Setup Wizard (or with a template), a list of dynamic markings will be available in the Expression Selection dialog box as soon as the document opens.

Noteman says: See Adding tempo markings and dynamics for a step-by-step tutorial on adding dynamic markings.

Dynamics may be purely graphic or they may be defined for playback. (The predefined Text Expression dynamics provided with Finale have been defined for playback—but feel free to modify them, as described below.) If your synthesizer is velocity (touch) sensitive, you’ll hear Finale respond to these dynamic markings as the music plays back.

If you want to create dynamics for playback only, and don’t need the actual markings to appear in the score, you can quickly edit key velocity over a selected region with the MIDI tool .

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