Document Options dialog box

How to get there

Choose Document > Document Options.

What it does

This dialog box allows you to change the global settings for a number of musical items. You will find global settings for augmentation dots, barlines, ties, text inserts and many other items. Choose one of the categories on the left side of this dialog box to display its options on the right.

  • Load Library • Save Library. Click the Save button to select from a list of document elements to save in a library. Click the Load button to open an existing library.
  • Units. Click the drop-down list to select the measurement unit you want Finale to understand—and display—in all of its dialog boxes.
  • OK • Cancel • Apply. Click OK (or press enter) to save the new settings and return to the score. Click Cancel and you will be prompted to save or discard changes that have not been applied. Click Apply to save the selected changes in your dialog box and keep the Document Options box open.

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