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Elapsed Time


Creating invisible syllables when typing lyrics

Creating an elision slur between lyrics

Encapsulated PostScript (EPS)


Changing a note to its enharmonic equivalent (Speedy Entry)

Changing a note to its enharmonic equivalent (Simple Entry)

Changing a chord’s enharmonic spelling (Speedy Entry)

Changing all occurrences of a note (search and replace)

Engraver slurs

Editing engraver slurs

Defining engraver slurs



Erasing everything from a selected region

Erasing a note, rest, or chord (Simple Entry)

Erasing a note from a chord

Erasing selected elements from a selected region

Exploding music


Assigning an expression to a staff

Adding an expression to multiple staves (Score Lists)

Assigning expressions to multiple staves (Assignment Lists)

Adding an expression using metatools

Moving or delete an expression

Creating an expression

Erasing expressions from a region

Copying expressions

Moving expressions assigned to score lists

Defining an expression for playback

Changing the default positioning for an expression category

Adjusting the vertical positioning of expressions on a baseline

Creating expression Metatools

Extracting parts


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