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To create an elision slur between lyrics

  1. Click the Lyrics tool  image\Lyric_Tool.gif. The Lyrics menu appears.
  2. From the Lyrics menu, choose Lyrics window. The Edit Text window appears. Type the lyrics in the usual way, up to the elision.
  3. Type the first syllable. Without adding a space, type a capital I, then the second syllable.
  4. Drag to select the I. From the Text menu, choose Font. Choose EngraverFontSet then click OK., choose Set Font, then choose EngraverFontSet. Complete the remaining lyrics.
  5. Click OK. When you enter these lyrics using the CONTROL-click Assignment method (see Lyrics), Finale distributes the syllables you just created to the corresponding notes of the melody, but treats the elision as a single syllable. A slur will appear between the two syllables.



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