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These steps demonstrate how to assign a expression (dynamic, tempo marking, style markings, and performance practice indicator) to you score. (To add an auto-sequenced rehearsal mark, see To define and add custom rehearsal marks).

To assign an expression to a staff

  1. Click the Expression tool  image\Expression_Tool.gif.
  2. Double-click on, above, or below the note or measure to which you want to attach the marking. To add an expression to multiple adjacent staves, click and drag a box around those staves. The Expression Selection dialog box appears.
  3. Choose the desired category from the list on the left (or choose Show All to display all of them). Each category represents font and positioning settings that apply to all included expressions (see Category Designer). For example, all dynamics in the score, as well as future dynamics added, will respect changes made to the Dynamics category unless the expression has been specifically excluded from category settings in the Expression Designer (by unchecking the Use Category Fonts/Use Category Positioning check boxes).

Notice the number to the upper right of some expressions. This is the Metatool assignment (see below). You can hold down this key and click to add the expression directly to the score. While viewing the Expression Selection dialog box, to assign a new Metatool key to a selected expression, hold down shift and press the key.


  1. Click Assign (or double-click the expression) to add it to the score. Any expression that is not a tempo mark, tempo alteration, or rehearsal mark (see Score List) can be assigned to any number of staves. Click the drop-down next to the Assign button to choose a list of specific staves for assignment. Or click Assign to Specific Staves to define a new list. See Assign to Staves dialog box.See To assign an Expression to Multiple Staves (Assignment Lists). Finale assigns the expression according to positioning settings defined for the category in the Category Designer. An attachment indicator line displays the expression's attachment point. Click and drag the expression to change the expression's attachment point (to a different beat or measure). To position the expression relative to a different staff, drag the expression over the desired staff

The same category settings also apply to expressions added with Metatools...



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