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You can copy any musical element from one passage to another. In this discussion, the source measures are those that now contain the marking, and the target measures are those to which you want to copy them.

To copy expressions

  1. Click the Selection tool  image\Selection_Tool.gif.
  2. Choose Edit > Edit Filter. The Edit Filter dialog box appears.
  3. Select Expressions and click OK. There are two Expression check boxes. If you choose Tempo Marks, Tempo Alterations, & Rehearsal Marks, the source region will need to be a full measure stack.
  4. Select the source measures. See Selecting music for some selecting shortcuts.
  5. Drag the first source measure so that it’s superimposed on the first target measure. If the first target measure is offscreen, scroll to it; then, while pressing CTRL, click it. Alternatively, you can use the clipboard to copy (CTRLC, then CTRLV, see Copying Music).

Note. when you are done copying expressions, open the Edit Filter dialog box again and click "All" if you want Finale to copy everything as you continue to edit your score. The configuration of the Edit Filter dialog box remains until edited manually, even after closing and restarting Finale.



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