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Copying music

Note. View the Copy, paste, and other functions QuickStart Video for an overview.

Finale offers a great deal of control over copying, including options for filtering specific elements, methods for both inserting and pasting (replacing), and the ability to copy across documents. This section describes methods for copying music in Finale, and the choices you have when doing so.

For the remainder of this section, “source” refers to the original selected music, and “target” refers to the destination for the copied material. Also, unless specified otherwise, "selection" refers to a region including full or partial measures less than a stack. Any tool that allows regional selection can be used to copy music, including the Selection tool, Staff tool, Measure tool, and others. For more details, see Selecting Music.

Note. See The Selection tool for a tutorial on general mass-editing techniques, including selecting, copying, transposing, and working with measures.

Whenever you copy music, you will need to choose whether you want to copy and paste or copy and insert.

After selecting a region of music, use one of the following methods to copy and paste or copy and insert.

When copying across instruments, Finale automatically transposes the music to an octave within the range of the target instrument (or as close as possible). See Copying between instruments of different ranges.

Note: To move measures from one system to another or make other changes to the measure layout, see Measure layout.


Copying and pasting using the clipboard

Copying and pasting by dragging

Copying and pasting/inserting stacks

Copying and inserting using the clipboard

Copying and inserting by dragging

Copying and inserting stacks

Specifying what you want to copy

Copying time signatures

Copying tempo changes

Copying across documents

Making a copy of a document

Copying multiple passages of music to another document (using Clip Files)

Combining files with Score Merger

Merging part files into a score with Score Merger

Copying markings based on a rhythmic match

Copying between instruments of different registers


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