Finale 2012 QuickStart Videos

Welcome to Finale's QuickStart Videos! These videos demonstrate Finale's primary tools and features. You can watch all the videos for an introduction to all of Finale's main features, or view specific videos as needed. Use the Table of Contents on the left to quickly navigate these videos.

Use the Table of Contents in the Navigation Pane to the left to navigate the QuickStart Videos.

In the playback control progress bar of some videos you will see section markers. Roll your mouse over one of these markers to view section headers. Click to jump ahead to the section.

Use the markers to quickly advance to the desired topic.

Basic Skills

Navigating your score


Using the context menus


Selecting and editing music


Using Metatool shortcuts


Using the positioning triangles

Getting started

Setting up your score

Entering notes

Simple note entry


Editing notes


Repitching existing rhythms


Entering multiple voices

Playing-in music

Entering music with a MIDI keyboard


Playing music into a grand staff


Tapping the tempo while recording


Cleaning up real-time performances

Importing music

Importing MIDI files


Scanning music

Adding details


Adding articulations


Applying articulations to a region

Dynamics, tempo markings, and text

Adding expressions and dynamics


Adding rehearsal marks


Adding text

Chord symbols

Typing-in chord symbols


Playing-in chord symbols


Guitar fretboards


Adding lyrics


Clicking-in lyrics

Slurs, repeats, and graphics

Slurs, hairpins, and other shapes




Importing graphics

Measures and staves

Changing the key signature


Changing the time signature


Changing the clef


Adding and deleting instruments


Adding Instrument Changes




Slash and rhythmic notation


Percussion notation

Editing your music

Copy, paste, and other functions


Copying and pasting performance marks

Wrapping up your project

Page layout

Positioning staves


Fitting measures and systems


Changing the number of measures per system


Changing the number of systems on a page


Hiding empty staves

Parts and musical examples

Working with parts


Exporting musical examples




Human playback

Education tools

Create custom exercises


Create a SmartMusic accompaniment



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