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Permitting unlimited notes in one measure (Time Signature method)

Permitting unlimited notes in one measure (Position Notes Evenly method)


Channel Pressure

Retaining channel pressure data for score playback

Editing channel pressure data

Copying or erasing controller data

Character names

Choral music

Chord symbols

Entering chord symbols automatically

Typing-in chord symbols

Playing-in chord symbols (MIDI data input)

Editing chords directly in the score

Entering a chord symbol manually

Entering a chord symbol between beats

Editing chords

Editing a chord suffix

Teaching Finale “learned chords”

Editing or deleting a learned chord

Moving chord symbols up and down

Transposing chord symbols

Erasing chords from a region

Copying chords from one region to another

Changing the display or position of all chord symbols in a region

Preventing chord symbols from playing back

Programming a chord symbol Metatool

Entering a chord using a Metatool

Creating or load a Chord Suffix Library

Creating a chord chart with lyrics

Changing chord symbol fonts

Left-justifying chord symbols above the notes

Moving chord symbols individually

Defining a chord symbol manually with MIDI data input


Adding notes to (or remove notes from) a chord

Changing the pitch of a chord

Changing the enharmonic spelling of a chord

Rearranging the noteheads of a cluster chord


Setting the starting clef for a staff

Inserting a clef change at the beginning of a measure

Applying a clef change to a region of measures

Inserting a mid-measure clef change

Changing a clef you’ve inserted in mid-measure

Changing the default clef

Hiding a clef

Designing a new clef

Designing a shape clef

Changing the horizontal positioning of starting clefs

Globally changing the position and size of inserted clefs

Specifying the location of key-signature accidentals in a nonstandard clef

Click and Countoff

Setting up countoff measures and the metronome click (for Playback and HyperScribe recording)

Setting up a click with a non-percussion playback device

Closed symbols


Common time

Composite time signatures

Creating a composite meter

Removing a composite meter

Compound meters

Continuous data

Specifying which continuous data you want to record with HyperScribe

Specifying which continuous data you want to record in Transcription Mode

Retaining continuous data for score playback in Transcription Mode

Editing continuous data

Copying or erase continuous data

Copying music

Copying and pasting using the clipboard

Copying and pasting by dragging

Copying and pasting/inserting stacks

Copying and inserting using the clipboard

Copying and inserting by dragging

Copying and inserting stacks

Specifying what you want to copy

Copying time signatures

Copying tempo changes

Copying across documents

Making a copy of a document

Copying multiple passages of music to another document (using Clip Files)

Combining files with Score Merger

Merging part files into a score with Score Merger

Copying markings based on a rhythmic match

Copying between instruments of different registers

Copyright notices

Counting measures

Courtesy accidentals

Courtesy clef changes

Globally preventing courtesy clefs from displaying

Preventing courtesy clefs from displaying in a single measure.

Courtesy key signatures

Forcing the display of the key signature in a measure

Hiding the end-of-line courtesy key change (globally)

Hiding the end-of-line courtesy key change (in one place)

Altering the key signature of the courtesy key signature

Courtesy time signatures


Creating a Smart Shape (graphic) crescendo or decrescendo marking

Moving, reshaping, or deleting a Smart Shape crescendo

Aligning multiple Smart Shape hairpins

Changing the default opening and thickness of Smart Shape hairpins

Creating a playback crescendo or decrescendo with the MIDI Tool

Creating a Text Expression (such as “cresc.” or “decresc.”)

Moving or delete a crescendo (Text or Shape Expression)

Crossed hands

Cross-staff notes

Creating cross-staff notation with the Cross-staff Plug-in

Creating cross-staff notation

Restoring cross-staff notes to their source staff

Restoring cross-staff notes to their source staff temporarily

Cue notes

Creating cue notes on a full-size staff

Creating a cue staff

Restoring a cue staff to full size

Preventing attached lyrics and chord symbols from shrinking

Custom lines

Placing a custom line

Changing which custom line is assigned to the palette icon

Cut time

Changing the cut-time display

Mixing abbreviated and non-abbreviated cut and common time signatures

Cutaway scores


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