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To create a playback crescendo or decrescendo with the MIDI tool

  1. Choose Window > Advanced Tools, and click the MIDI tool image\MIDI_Tool.gif. Select the region whose playback data you want to affect. Double-click the highlighted area. The MIDI tool split-window appears. Drag through the graph region above the notes to select all of them, or SHIFT-click (or drag-enclose) individual note handles if you want only certain notes to be affected.
  2. Choose MIDI tool > Key Velocities; then choose MIDI tool > Scale. The Scale dialog box appears.
  3. Specify the degree of crescendo or decrescendo by filling in the From and To text boxes. There are two buttons at the bottom of this text box: Absolute, and Percent of Original. If Absolute is checked, the numbers you enter are MIDI velocity values, which can be from 0 (silent) to 127 (very loud). If you choose Percent of Original, you type percentage values (for example, you might want to create a crescendo that increases from 100% to 150% of the current volume). This last option is useful for preserving the existing dynamic balance of the music while still achieving a smooth increase in volume.
  4. Click OK (or press ENTER). You can also create a MIDI-based playback crescendo by increasing the MIDI Volume controller. See Volume and Continuous data. To automate this task for hairpin crescendos, see Smart Playback.



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