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Edit Filter/Clear Selected Items dialog box

How to get there

The Edit Filter dialog box can be accesed in three ways, either before, during or after copying and pasting:

Tip. The settings for copying (Edit menu > Edit Filter) in the Edit Filter dialog box are program-wide. That means these settings apply to all documents when copying music, even after closing and restarting Finale. If you are unsure of previous settings be sure to review this dialog box prior to copying to ensure it is set up as desired. In contrast to copying, the Clear Selected Items dialog box invoked for clearing items (Edit menu > Clear Selected Items) is session-specific and resets after each use.

What it does

You can copy or erase any element of your music without disturbing the remaining elements. This dialog box lets you specify which elements you want to copy or erase. For example, you might want to erase only the lyrics from a selected region, or you might want to copy only staff styles or time signatures from one place to another. You can specify any combination of items to copy or erase. Settings made here apply to music copied using both the drag-copy method and the Copy/Replace Entries commands under the Edit menu.

Note. Time Signatures always copy with stack selections, and never without a stack selection.

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