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This tool lets you move one note at a time (or several within a measure) to another measure, even on a different staff. For example, you can create cross-staff notation. Or, after transcribing a two-handed performance with HyperScribe (or the Transcription Mode), you can correct split-point errors by moving notes from the upper staff to the lower staff. You can move several notes in a measure horizontally as well; for example, you can copy a particular motif into the next measure. For full instructions, see Cross-staff notes, Recording with HyperScribe, and Transcribing a sequence. The target (destination) measure must be within 128 measures of the source (original) measure.

The Note Mover tool also gives you access to Finale’s Search and Replace feature, which lets you search for every occurrence of a particular note or group of notes and modify them in some consistent way. For full instructions, see Search and replace.

When you click this tool, the Note Mover menu appears, containing all the commands you need to move selected notes in a measure to other measures. See Note Mover menu for a complete description.



Contextual menus are reached by right-clicking on the handle of an object. A contextual menu will be displayed where you can select various items.


NoteMover Handles

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Deletes selected notes


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