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Note. See the Navigating Your Score QuickStart Video to get acquainted with Finale's core interface, including the tool palettes.

Finale's Tools are located in the Main Tool Palette and the Advanced Tools Palette . If you do not see the Main Tool Palette or Advanced Tools Palette, you can activate it by choosing "Main Tool Palette" or "Advanced Tools Palette" from the Window menu.


Articulation Tool

Chord Tool

Clef Tool

Expression Tool

Graphics Tool

Hand Grabber Tool

Key Signature Tool

Lyrics Tool

HyperScribe Tool

Measure Tool


Mirror Tool

Note Mover Tool

Ossia Tool

Page Layout Tool

Repeat Tool

Resize Tool

Selection Tool

Simple Entry Tool

Smart Shape Tool

Special Tools Tool

Speedy Entry Tool

Staff Tool

Tempo Tool

Text Tool

Time Signature Tool

Tuplet Tool

Zoom Tool


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