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Clef toolimage\Clef_Tool.gif

Use this tool to create clef changes anywhere in the score - even in the middle of a measure.

To change the default appearance of clefs, see the Clef Designer dialog box.



You can create Clef Metatools—one-keystroke equivalents for a particular clef—which can be especially useful if you apply the same clef in multiple places in your document. Clef Metatools can be programmed to any letter or number.

To program a Clef Metatool

Click the Clef tool  image\Clef_Tool.gif. Press shift and a number key or a letter. Finale displays the Clef Selection dialog box; choose the clef you want to correspond to the number or letter you pressed. Click OK (or press ENTER).

To use a Clef Metatool

Click the Clef tool. Highlight a region of measures and press the desired clef Metatool to apply the new clef to the highlighted region.


Or, while pressing the desired clef Metatool key:


Contextual menus are reached by right-clicking on the handle of an object. A contextual menu will be displayed where you can select various items.


Menu item

What it does

Edit Clef Definition

Display the Mid-Measure Clef dialog box


Delete selected mid-measure clef


For further information, see the Change Clef dialog box.


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