Main Tool Palette

How to get there

The Main Tool Palette is almost always open on the screen. If it’s not, choose Main Tool Palette from the Window menu.

What it does

This palette contains all of Finale’s primary tools, which you can rearrange or hide. You can move, resize, reshape, or hide the palette itself. You hold the mouse over any of the tools to find out what the name of the tool is. Click on the name of the Tool in the picture below to view that section of the manual.

If you drag the resize box inward toward the upper-left corner, you hide tools. Drag the resize box outward again to bring them back into view.

Articulation Tool  image\Articulation_Tool.gif

Click a note to attach a marking; click a handle to move or delete one.

Chord tool  image\Chord_Tool.gif

Choose an input method from the menu; click a note to add or edit chord symbols.

Clef tool  image\Clef_Tool.gif

Double-click a measure to insert a clef change.

Expression Tool  image\Expression_Tool.gif

Double-click a measure, note or rest to attach text or a shape to one or more staves.

HyperScribe Tool  image\HyperScribe_Tool.gif

Set up menu, then click a measure and play, for an instant transcription.

Key Signature Tool  image\Key_Signature_Tool.gif

Double-click a measure to insert a key change.

Lyrics Tool  image\Lyric_Tool.gif

Use the menu to create or edit lyrics and position them in the score.

Measure Tool  image\Measure_Tool.gif

Double-click a measure to set characteristics; drag to move a barline. Click or double-click the tool icon to add blank measures to the end of the score.

Page Layout Tool  image\Page_Layout_Tool.gif

Click the page to adjust margins or systems.

Repeat Tool  image\Repeat_Tool.gif

Double-click a measure to create repeats, ending brackets or text such as 'To Coda'.

Resize Tool  image\Resize_Tool.gif

Click a note, to the left of a system or top left page corner to change its size.

Selection Tool  image\Selection_Tool.gif

Double-click an object to go to its editing tool. Click and drag to move an object.

Simple Entry Tool  image\Simple_Entry_Tool.gif

Click or use keystrokes to select values from the palette, and then use your mouse, computer keyboard, or a MIDI keyboard to enter notes.

Smart Shape Tool  image\Smart_Shape_Tool.gif

Click a shape on the palette; double-click and drag to draw it in the score.

Speedy Entry Tool  image\Speedy_Entry_Tool.gif

Click a measure to edit or insert music, with or without a MIDI keyboard.

Staff tool  image\Staff_Tool.gif

Use the menu to add or edit staves -- names, transpositions, groups, brackets, etc.

Text tool  image\Text_Tool.gif

Double-click to add text blocks. Use menus to change fonts, borders and so on.

Time Signature Tool  image\Time_Signature_Tool.gif

Double-click a measure to insert a meter change.

Tuplet Tool  image\Tuplet_Tool.gif

Click the first note of a group to create or edit a triplet.



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