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Use the Staff tool to edit staff-specific characteristics using the Staff Attributes dialog box. For example, you can show or hide certain musical elements in the staff such as measure numbers, expression markings, time signatures and so on. (To apply staff styles to portions of a staff, use Staff Styles).

Note. Apply changes to instrument staves, such as the staff name, transposition, and starting clef in the ScoreManager.

You can also edit and create groups of staves; use the Group Attributes dialog box to define groups of instruments in the score and for part extraction, add a bracket to a group and specify how the barline appears on the grouped staves. An individual staff can belong to any number of groups.

When you click the Staff tool, a Staff menu appears that contains many commands for working with staves and groups of staves, such as applying customized staff attributes, adding and changing staff groups, hiding empty staves, and so on.


When you click the Staff tool, the Staff menu appears, and handles appear on each staff and on staff-related items in the score. Select a handle then choose a menu command, or use the shortcuts listed below. The shortcuts are arranged by what the handle controls: staff handles and staves, group handles (includes the group name), staff name handles and bracket handles.

Staff handles and staves:

Staff handles always appear on staves in the score, even on hidden empty staves.

Group handles:

Group handles always appear on existing group brackets and names of staves in the score. If a group doesn't have a name, the handles appear on the brackets only.

Click a group handle, or drag-enclose group handles to select a group (or groups of staves).

Staff name handles:

Staff name handles appear on existing staves in the score only if you have entered a staff name, or if Finale's default staff name appears for an unnamed staff.

Bracket handles:

Two bracket handles appear on each bracket on a group, even if you did not enter a group name.

Click a bracket handle, or drag-enclose several bracket handles to select a bracket (or brackets).


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