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Staff Attributes dialog box

How to get there

The Staff Attributes dialog box can be accessed in two ways:

  1. Click the Staff tool  image\Staff_Tool.gif. The Staff menu appears.
  2. Choose Staff > Edit Staff Attributes.


What it does

In the Staff Attributes dialog box, you can specify many staff-specific traits, including whether or not certain musical elements should appear in this staff, such as measure numbers, default whole rests, time signatures, and repeat ending brackets, to name a few. You can also define other properties of the staff, hide staves, and designate independent elements to the staff that are generally the same among all score staves (like the key and time signature). Other elements of staves, like the staff name, transposition, and clef, are part of Finale's instrument definition, and available in the ScoreManager.

Select "Break Repeat Barlines Between Staves" if you want to break repeat barlines that would normally continue through to the next staff above this one. This option doesn’t affect normal barlines.

For example, click Key Signature or Time Signature if you want this staff to be in a different key or meter than the other staves in the piece. When you click the Key Signature or Time Signature Tool, a handle appears on every barline of each staff for which you’ve selected Key Signature or Time Signature. Click the handle to access the Key Signature or Time Signature dialog box for that staff alone.

You can choose any font for your noteheads without affecting flags, rests, and accidentals on the notes in the staff. When the Notehead Font checkbox is selected, Finale uses the font you select for the current staff. When this checkbox is not selected, Finale uses the font specified in the Select Default Fonts dialog box for Instruments in the Standard Notation Style, or, for Percussion or Tablature Notation Style (see ScoreManager), whatever font set for Tablature or Percussion Noteheads under the Notation drop-down menu in Document Options-Fonts. Click Select to display the Font dialog box.

Tip. If you don’t want barlines to appear in a particular measure in all the staves in your piece, select the "Invisible" barline in the Measure tool. Or, if you don’t want barlines to appear in your entire score, deselect Display All Barlines in Document Options-Barlines.

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