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Document Options-Fonts dialog box

How to get there

Choose Document > Document Options and select Fonts.

What it does

These options allow you to globally change the font for almost every element in your score. It lets you change all occurrences at once, or set the primary font to the one you most often use. Set the initial font for full and abbreviated staff names and group names. Choose a name item from the drop-down list, then click Set Font to specify the initial font for full and abbreviated staff names and group names. This font is used when you first create a name. Use the Chord drop-down list where you can specify separate fonts and sizes for chord roots and chord suffixes, and setting the baseline positioning of sharps, flats and naturals that appear on some chord roots. Maestro, a music font provided with Finale, is the default font for the musical symbol elements such as Music, Clef, Key, and Time. However, Finale offers you the option of setting these musical elements in any other music fonts, such as Engraver, Jazz, Petrucci (also provided), Sonata or Crescendo you can mix and match fonts to suit your taste.

Note: Define default fonts for expression categories in the Category Designer dialog box.

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