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Measure Attributes dialog box

How to get there

Click the Measure tool  image\Measure_Tool.gif, and double-click the measure you want to edit. Some measure attributes require that you select more than one measure before double-clicking.

What it does

Each measure in Finale can have a number of specific attributes, including its barline type, barline-to-barline width, whether or not it should display the key and time signature, and so on. In this dialog box, you can specify all of these variables for the measure you clicked. Once you’ve specified this information, you can use the Selection tool to copy some of this information to other measures (namely, measure widths and positioning mode).

You’ll rarely need to use the Position Notes: options, which govern how the notes in the selected measure are positioned—particularly if you’re in the habit of using the Music Spacing command to neatly respace the notes in your scores.

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