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Staff menu

How to get there

Click the Staff tool  image\Staff_Tool.gif. The Staff menu appears.

What it does

Use the Staff menu to add or insert blank Instrument staves, remove existing staves, position staff names, change the settings for a selected staff, adjust staves vertically, redraw barlines and brackets after changing the top-to-bottom order of staves, and set the spacing between staves. You can also create groups and define their characteristics, delete groups, choose a bracket and alternate barlines for a group, and change which staves belong to a group.


New Staves

Delete Staves

Delete Staves And Reposition

Edit Staff Attributes

Respace Staves

Staff Usage

Define Staff Styles

Apply Staff Styles To

Score and Parts

Current Part/Score

Clear Staff Style From

Score and Parts

Score Only

Parts Only

Use Selected Staff Style for Score and Parts

Show Staff Styles

Show Staff Style Names

Groups and Brackets




Set Default Name Positions

Full Group Names

Abbreviated Staff Names

Full Staff Names

Abbreviated Group Names

Position Names

Full Staff Name

Abbreviated Staff Name

Full Group Name

Abbreviated Group Name

Show Default Staff Names

Show Default Group Names

Show Staff Spacing while Dragging

Hide Empty Staves

Show Empty Staves


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