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Staff/Delete Staves and Reposition

The Delete and Delete Staves and Reposition commands are only available when one or more staves are selected. Select the staff or staves that you want removed, then choose either command. Choose Delete Staves to remove the selected staves and leave the remaining staves in their current positions. Choose Delete Staves and Reposition to remove the selected staves and reposition any staves that were below the deleted staves. Finale moves the remaining staves up to the position of the top staff that was deleted.

Staves can only be added or deleted while viewing the score. Add or delete staves from parts in the Manage Parts dialog box.

Note. Only delete staves if you want them permanently removed. To recover deleted staves, immediately choose Undo from the Edit menu. To temporarily remove a staff, such as an ossia staff, hide the staff using the Hide Staves checkbox in the Staff Attributes dialog box. See Hiding Staves—To hide staves for ossia measures or special playback.


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