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Manage Parts dialog box

How to get there

Choose Documents > Manage Parts.

What it does

Use this dialog box to add, remove, or customize parts. Here you can generate parts from existing staves in the score document, rename parts, add or remove staves from parts, and customize the voicing for multi-voice score staves. The left column lists all parts. The center column lists all staves included in the selected part (a part may include any number of staves from the score). The right column lists the instruments and staves available in the score for inclusion in the part. (You can click the + to show individual staves of multi-staff instruments, such as piano, harp, etc.) Parts can be generated or modified at any time. In fact, parts could be generated from the score after the score has been completed. A score includes parts automatically if "Generate Linked Parts" was checked in the Setup Wizard when the score (or a staff) was created. Parts can also be deleted at or edited at any time. See To create linked parts.

Note. that font, size, and style settings do not apply here. However, tracking, baseline shift, and superscript settings do. (To edit the size of a part name, add it as a text Insert, select it and choose Text > Edit Text. Size/style changes here will apply to all part names.)

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