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Clef Designer dialog box

How to get there

  1. Choose Document > Document Options > Clefs.
  2. Click Clef Designer.

What it does

Finale supplies eighteen standard default clefs for use in your pieces (see picture). You can modify these clefs or replace them with custom clefs of your own, using new symbols if you prefer (you can either use a symbol from a font or design the graphic clef symbol yourself).

If you define a new clef, Finale will treat it intelligently, correctly renotating any music that follows it and always keeping track of the notes’ playback pitches. Any new clefs you create appear in the standard palette of eighteen clefs (replacing existing clefs).

If you’re not sure which letter corresponds to the symbol you want to use, click Select. Finale will display a palette containing every character available.

Clefs in the Maestro, Petrucci, Engraver, Broadway Copyist, Jazz and Sonata music fonts are positioned correctly automatically when they occur as clef changes, but symbols in fonts you design yourself may require this extra adjustment.

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