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This appendix includes additional information about MIDI, percussion, libraries, templates, and other topics relevant to general Finale usage.


About the FINMIDI.INI file

Alternative music fonts

Bank Select - Bank Change Table

Configuring MacSymbolFonts.txt

Configuring Pagesizes.txt

Customized Speedy Keymap

Document Settings and Program Settings


Exercise numbers in the Exercise Wizard

Exercise Wizard Instrument Ranges

Finale and Explorer

Finale File Icons/Extensions

Finale Installation Details

Finale Libraries

Finale Notational Defaults

Finale Score Templates

General MIDI Patch Set Groupings Table

General MIDI Table

Garritan Finale Edition Instrument Details

Guitar Markings

Harmony Presets

Human Playback Dictionary

Linking Details for Linked Parts

MIDI Note to Pitch Table

MIDI Terminology

More on MIDI

Other SmartMusic SoftSynth Patches

Percussion Layouts

Percussion Tones

Plug-in filenames

Quantization Guide

TapSpace Instruments



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