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Finale Score Templates

In your Finale folder, you’ll find a folder called Templates. In this folder you’ll find nearly fifty blank Finale documents, each with staves in a particular instrumental configuration. These templates can save you time—just open a copy of a score setup you need, and start entering the music.

To open a template

  1. From the File menu, choose New > Document from Template.
  2. Open the folder including the template you would like to use.
  3. Double-click the desired template.

When you open a template, Finale prompts you to customize your new document with the last two pages of the Setup Wizard (if Display Setup Wizard When Opening a Template is checked in Preferences-New).

These templates have the “.FTM” extension, which means that they will appear as “untitled” files when you open them. Choose New from Template from the File menu. Any template files in the current folder will appear in the list. Double-click the template you want to use.

To open a template and create an untitled copy of one of these templates (thus preserving the blank template itself for later use), choose File, New, then Document from Template. Double-click the name of the desired template; Finale will open an untitled copy.

Each of these templates, like the Maestro Font Default file, has a selection of libraries already loaded. These include the Chord Suffix, Articulations, Shape Expressions, Text Expressions, Text Repeats, Allotments (medium), Quarter Tone, and Executable Shapes libraries. Each has also been defined to have sequential measure numbers, page numbers, and a sample title. Staves for the transposing instruments (e.g., clarinets, horns) have been set up to transpose automatically (see Transposing instruments). The templates are titled as follows:



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