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Other SmartMusic SoftSynth Patches

There are two additional alternative General MIDI patches on bank 1, Piano and Violin (all other SmartMusic SoftSynth patches reside in bank 0). These are the same piano and violin patches that were included with Finale 2005 are available when SmartMusic SoftSynth is chosen as your MIDI Out device in the MIDI Setup dialog box. To create an instrument using one of these alternative patches, do the following:

  1. Choose MIDI/AudioPlay Finale Through MIDI.
  2. If the ScoreManager isn’t visible, choose Window > ScoreManager.
  3. Under Sound, click the drop-down menu for the staff you want to assign to the 2005 Piano or Violin and choose Edit Patch. The Set Patch To dialog box appears.
  4. Click the Patch drop-down menu and choose Bank Select 32, Program Change. The Bank Select 32 and Program Change text boxes should be available.
  5. In the Bank Select 32 text box, enter 1.
  6. In the Program Change text box, enter 1 for the Finale 2005 Piano and 41 for the Finale 2005 Violin.

Note. If you want to change this instrument back to any of the standard General MIDI patches, first change the Bank Select 32 text box back to 0.



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