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Alternative music fonts

The following is a list of some of the fonts which are available to the Finale user in addition to

Maestro, Maestro Percussion and Maestro Wide (which are included with the purchase of Finale)

Finale’s default music font was developed for MakeMusic by Blake Hodgetts (see also Toccata and Fughetta). This is an elegant font, yet more robust than Petrucci, more accurately representing the look of engraved music. Maestro Wide is identical with the exception of wider noteheads.

Petrucci (included with the purchase of Finale)

This music font is called Petrucci, named for Ottaviano Petrucci, the sixteenth-century Italian who first used movable type for printing polyphonic music. It was the default music font for Finale products for years, but is now shipped for compatibility.

Tamburo (included with the purchase of Finale)

Tamburo, an Italian term for drum, is a font primarily comprised of noteheads. It contains a variety of symbols particularly useful for percussion notation, including instrument noteheads and several articulation marks. Tamburo also contains a full set of symbols for use in hymnal shape note music, where each note of the scale is displayed with a unique notehead. Moreover, Tamburo expands your choice of accidentals for quarter-tone music.

Finale Engraver Font (included with the purchase of Finale)

The Finale Engraver’s font set was developed by Bruce Nelson to meet the Music Publisher Association's music font design specifications. It includes a larger notehead with a different notehead angle. It also includes “Let Ring” noteheads, “Double-stopped unison” noteheads, “Trill to” noteheads, “Tone-cluster” noteheads, variations on dynamics and articulations, tempo markings, and harp pedaling symbols. (See Engraver Font)

The Jazz Font (included with the purchase of Finale, Finale Allegro, or Finale PrintMusic)

The Jazz Font was the premiere hand written music font prior to Finale 2010, and includes handwritten text, percussion and guitar symbol fonts as well.

The Broadway Copyist Font (included with the purchase of Finale or Finale PrintMusic)

The Broadway Copyist Font, Finale's premiere hand written music font, comes with handwritten text, percussion and guitar symbol fonts as well.

November by Robert Piéchaud ($70)

November is a rich set made up of more than 330 symbols, from basic shapes such as note heads, clefs and rests, up to rarer characters like microtonal accidentals, plain-song clefs or baroque ornaments. Based on the fractal concept, in which details are as important as the whole, even for very small symbols such as music characters, November has been crafted with total attention to details and a new coherence. November is inspired by the spirit of traditional music engraving art... but with a revolutionary graphic idea!

Klemm Music Technology

Waldstieg 2

D-37133 Friedland, Germany


Neuma and Neuma Symbol (part of the Medieval plug-in package) by Robert Piéchaud ($200)

The Medieval plug-in offers you the possibility to produce professional transcriptions of early music easily, from Gregorian square notation to Italian mixed notation, with a beautiful rendering. Medieval gives you a wide choice of tools such as automatic recognition of neumes (more than 80!) up to 7 notes, liquescences, automatic placing of the “direct”, stemmed note groupings, and numerous special symbols: quilisma, rests, plicas, large ligatures, black-void notation, etc.

With Medieval you will get:

  1.  A Finale plug-in (installed into the Finale plug-in Folder) consisting of a new palette with 12 graphic-oriented tools;
  2. 2 new fonts, Neuma and Neuma Symbol, for PostScript and TrueType printers;
  3. 2 new default files;
  4. Samples such as Gregorian, Franconian, Machaut´s Mass, etc.;
  5. A real handbook with a complete english tutorial

Klemm Music Technology

Waldstieg 2

D-37133 Friedland, Germany


Toccata and Fughetta fonts by Blake Hodgetts (Shareware: $30 for both)

Hundreds of additional musical symbols; available for Macintosh and Windows. The full package includes TrueType and PostScript fonts, custom Finale libraries, character charts, stem connection settings and full documentation. Additional information and downloadable TrueType versions available at the following locations: [Windows]

TocFug.sit.hqx [Macintosh]

TocFugRead.txt [Information text file]

Contact the author at, or write:


Blake Hodgetts

4495 Thunderbird Dr.

Eugene, OR 97404


GraceNotes & Crescendo ($40 + $7.50 UPS ground)

These music fonts give another look to basic notational symbols (quarter note head, Treble clef, etc.) and provide a greater selection of percussion symbols, symbols for Gregorian Chant, Harp Pedal markings and much more.

Available for Macintosh and Windows.


Casady & Greene

22734 Portola Drive

Salinas, CA 93908-1119

Phone 800-359-4920



Fax 408-484-9218


Sonata ($29.95 + your choice of $6 or $9 shipping)

The first music font, and a favorite among computer copyists. This font has fewer symbols than most other fonts but remains popular because of its “classic” look. Available for Macintosh and Windows.


Adobe Systems Incorporated

PO Box 6458

Salinas, CA 93912-6458

General Phone: (800) 833-6687

Image Club (to order fonts on floppy) (800) 661-9410


Also, you can preview all of Adobe's fonts on their Type On Call CD-ROM for $49. If you then choose to purchase the code to unlock a specific font from the CD, there is an additional charge. For Sonata, this fee is $25.


Metronome & MetTimes ($24.95 + $3 shipping)

A music font that works like a text font. A collection of number sets, text characters and built-in music characters lets you mix text with markings and music symbols without changing fonts. MetTimes includes the largest collection of dynamics in any music font. Available for Macintosh and Windows. DVMarticulations is included free of charge.

DVM Publications

104 Woodside Rd.

Suite A-202

Haverford, PA 19041

Phone/Fax: (610) 896-0996



Kidnotes ($39.00 + $3 shipping)

Offers noteheads with letters embedded in them. Intended for music for beginning music students, this font can be used to display note names on noteheads. Available for Macintosh and Windows. DVMarticulations is included free of charge.


DVM Publications

104 Woodside Rd.

Suite A-202

Haverford, PA 19041

Phone/Fax: (610) 896-0996



Golden Age ($65 includes US postage)

“GoldenAge” is a full-featured package of four typefaces inspired by the clear, highly legible look of professionally hand-copied sheet music. Available for either Windows or Macintosh, the package includes PostScript and TrueType versions, full documentation on their use, sample text/chord suffix libraries and a Default file template.GoldenAge has a highly readable, informal design appropriate for use in big band charts, jingles, record dates, or anywhere a commercially hand-copied look is desirable. Session players prefer the look of GoldenAge because of its familiarity and readability.The set of 4 fonts (2 music/2 text) is available for $65.00 US (postpaid) from:


Donald Rice Music Preparation

P.O. Box 110838

Brooklyn, NY 11211 U.S.A.

phone: 718-486-7307



*Please specify* Macintosh or Windows platform.

Sample of GoldenAge are available for viewing on the GoldenAge web page at


Susato ($149 US only – plus shipping; others please call or Fax)

The Susato PostScript Type 1 and TrueType character sets take the aesthetics of traditional note engraving into account and thus greatly enhance the printouts made with Finale. The standard character set is complemented by an accordion register font, a guitar tablature font, and a notehead font. Available for Mac and Windows.


Contact: Werner Eickhoff


Schauinslandstrasse 99

D-79100 Freiburg im Brsg.


Phone +49-761-29970

Fax +49-761-29970


The Figured Bass font greatly simplifies the creation and entry of figured bass symbols. Its features include:

1.    Direct entry (e.g. as lyrics in Finale) of numbers, special symbols and accidentals without changing font or size within the same verse.

2.   Direct entry of the characters mentioned beside or below each other within only one “syllable”.

3.   Enter the numbers 2,4,5,6,7,9 with accidental or as struck-through characters. The numbers “5+” and “7+” are even available in two different versions.

4.   Easy-to-remember keyboard layout. A similar font exists in a version for German users, called FinalGeneralBass. The very important difference is only the keyboard-layout for German system.

5.   Great flexibility because of many available characters and several different entry methods.

The full version costs $50 (or DM 45.-) and can be ordered from


Ansgar Krause

Erftweg 29

47807 Krefeld




Be sure to include the following information: Version for Windows or Macintosh, US-Version or German, and via e-mail or disk ($5 extra).


The Really Loud Font Company offers a variety of music related fonts. Visit their web site at for current pricing and product information. Basic Set: $90, Supplementary Sets: $40 each -- all three sets for $90, or all of the items lists below for $150


TempiFont Family: A set of 4 fonts which facilitates Tempo Markings, Metric Modulations, Swing Time Notations, etc.


ThesisFont: Provides Parenthetic Dynamics, Microtonal Accidentals, Harp and Organ Pedallings, Brackets, Stimmen and miscellaneous articulations.


MetricFont: Notates any type of time signature whether compound additive, irregular, irrational, etc.


Basic Allotment Library -- re-space music (especially cross rhythms) cleanly and evenly in a minimum of horizontal space.

(Supplementary Sets)


TallMetricFonts and MultiMaster MetricFonts -- Notate large size (conductors style) time signatures as in Metric Font. MultiMaster fonts enhance precision and control for Mac OS users.


FiguredBass Fonts --- Notate, figures, progressions and basic Schenkerian notations. Both within FINALE and also in text files.


Custom Allotment Libraries -- re-space music (especially cross rhythms) cleanly and evenly in 14 different proportional spacings.

Mail orders to: Konanur Inc., 155 East 23rd Street, Suite 302, New York, NY 10010-3700 or call 212.475.3351 and leave your address if you desire a catalog.

E-Mail (questions, comments and requests for information) to:

BlueNotz by Thomas Williams ($60)

BlueNotz™ fonts for the Macintosh, and soon for Windows, has been designed to replace the stiff, formal look of engraver based fonts with the look and “feel” of handwritten music copy.

There are three components of the font bundle. BlueNotz™ is the main symbol font and is used for generating many of characters and symbols used for written music. BlueText™ is used for titles, score expressions, and any other text applications and come with the added feature of being able to create pre-built text highlighters such as over and underscores. BlueChords™, the newest addition to the family, is used for chords and chord suffixes and includes many commonly used pre-built chord suffixes.



22103 Stocklmeir Court

Cupertino, Ca 95014



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