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Document Settings and Program Settings

The following document settings are saved with the document. This means that opening this document on another computer would not change these settings. Program Settings are specific to a particular installation of Finale.

Document Settings

Program Settings

View menu/Snap to Grid

Edit menu/Automatic Update Layout

View menu/Snap to Guide

Automatic Music Spacing

View menu/Scroll or Page View

Palette ConfigurationTool Set

View menu/View Percentage

View menu/Show Margins

View menu/Staff Sets

View menu/Show System Locks

View menu/Grid Guide Options

Edit menu/Enharmonic Spelling

View menu/Show Grid

Special Tools menu/Show Crosshairs

View menu/Show Guides

Movable Items dialog box

View menu/Show Rulers

Preferences dialog box

View menu/Show Message Bar

Edit menu/Measurement Unit

View menu/Layer Selection

Special Tools menu/Tie Direction

Document menu/Show Active Layer Only

MIDI Setup dialog box

Document menu/Display in Concert Pitch

MIDI Thru dialog box

Document Options-Accidentals

Special Tools menu/Tie Direction

Document Options-Alternate Notation

MIDI Thru Table dialog box

Document Options-Augmentation Dots

Import MIDI File Options dialog box

Document Options-Barlines

Export MIDI File Options dialog box

Document Options-Beams

Window menu/Main Tool Palette

Document Options-Chords

Window menu/Simple Entry Palette

Document Options-Clefs

Window menu/Simple Entry Rests Palette

Clef Designer dialog box

Window menu/Smart Shape Palette

Document Options-Flags

Window menu/Special Tools Palette

Document Options-Fonts

Window menu/Playback Controls

Document Options-Grace Notes

Staff menu/Show Staff Styles

Document Options-Key Signatures

Staff menu/Show Default Staff Names

Document Options-Layers

Staff menu/Show Default Group Names

Document Options-Lines and Curves

Staff menu/Auto Sort Staves

Document Options-Lyrics

Measure menu/Dragging Selects Measure Handles

Document Options-Multimeasure Rests

Measure menu/Dragging Selects Number Handles

Document Options-Music Spacing

Simple Entry Options dialog box

Document Options-Notes and Rests

Speedy Entry Options dialog box

Document Options-Piano Braces

Speedy menu/Use MIDI keyboard

Document Options-Repeats

Speedy menu/Playback During Drag

Repeat Bars dialog box

Speedy menu/Jump to Next Measure

Document Options-Stems

Speedy menu/Create New Measures

Document Options-Staves

Speedy menu/Check Beaming

Stem Connections dialog box

Speedy menu/Check Accidentals

Document Options-Text

Speedy menu/Check for Extra Notes

Document Options-Ties

Speedy menu/Use Five Line Staff

Tie Contour dialog box

Speedy menu/Auto Freeze Accidentals

Document Options-Time Signatures

Speedy menu/Edit Tab

Document Options-Tuplets

Speedy menu/Insert Notes

Playback/Record Options dialog box

HyperScribe menu/Beat Source

Page Format for Score dialog box

HyperScribe/Record Mode

Page Format for Parts dialog box

Tap dialog box

Page Setup dialog box

MIDI Event dialog box

Edit Staff Attributes dialog box

Tap States dialog box

Select Clef dialog box

Playback and/or Click dialog box

Edit Full Staff Name dialog box

HyperScribe Options dialog box

Position Full Staff Name dialog box

Fixed Split Point dialog box

Edit Abbreviated Staff Name dialog box

Moving Split Point dialog box

Position Abbreviated Staff Name dialog box

MIDI Input Filter dialog box

Staff Transposition dialog box

Transcription Filter dialog box

Alternate Notation dialog box

Punch-in Pre-Roll dialog box

Staff Setup dialog box

Click Input dialog box

Percussion Layout Selection dialog box

Click Output dialog box

Percussion Layout Designer dialog box

Expression menu/Show All Handles

Symbol Selection dialog box

Expression menu/Metatool Attachment

Extract Parts dialog box

Chord menu/Input Method

Tablature dialog box

Chord menu/Substitute Symbols

Define Staff Styles dialog box

Chord menu/Show All Handles

Apply Staff Styles dialog box

Chord menu/Italicize Capo Chords

Group Attributes dialog box

Fretboards (View)

Respace Staves dialog box

Fretboard Editor dialog box

Staff Usage dialog box

Note Mover Function

Staff menu/Set Default Names/Full Staff Names

Rebar Options dialog box

Staff menu/Set Default Names/Abbreviated Staff Names

Special Tools menu/Show Handles

Staff menu/Set Default Names/Full Group Names

Special Tools menu/Update

Staff menu/Set Default Names/Abbreviated Group Names

Quantization Settings dialog box

Position Full Staff Names dialog box

Window menu/Playback Controls

Position Abbreviated Staff Names dialog box

Staff menu/Show Staff Styles

Position Full Group Names dialog box


Position Abbreviated Group Names dialog box


Key Signature dialog box


Non Standard Key Signature dialog box


Key Step Map dialog box


Accidental Order and Amount dialog box


Tone Center(s) dialog box


Accidental Octave Placement dialog box


Special Key Signature Attributes dialog box


Symbol List dialog box


Time Signature dialog box


Composite Time Signature dialog box


Measure menu/Measure Numbers Show/Hide


Measure Number dialog box


Enclosure Designer dialog box


Position Measure Number dialog box


Measure Attributes dialog box


Edit Frame dialog box


Default Tuplet Visual Definition dialog box


Smart Shape menu/Direction


Slur Contour dialog box


Smart Shape Placement dialog box


Smart Shape Options dialog box


Articulation Selection dialog box


Expression Selection dialog box


Executable Shape Selection dialog box


Shape Selection dialog box


Rulers and Grid dialog box


Repeat Selection dialog box


Chord menu/Chord Style


Chord menu/Left Align Chords


Chord menu/Show Guitar Fretboards


Chord menu/Simplify Spelling


Chord Suffix Selection dialog box


Resize Fretboards dialog box


Fretboard Instrument Definition dialog box


Fretboard Styles dialog box


Fretboard Style Fonts and Shapes dialog box


Fretboard Barre Shape Selection dialog box


Fretboard Fingered String Shape Selection dialog box


Fretboard Open String Shape Selection dialog box


Fretboard Muted String Shape Selection dialog box


Fretboard Custom Shape Selection dialog box


Adjust Baselines dialog box


Text menu/Size


Text menu/Style


Text menu/Justification


Text menu/Word Wrap


Text menu/Attach to Measure/Page


Text menu/Show Only On Screen


Font dialog box


Size dialog box


Baseline Shift dialog box


Superscript dialog box


Tracking dialog box


Character Settings dialog box


Page Offset dialog box


Line Spacing dialog box


Page Layout menu/Avoid Margin Collision


Page Layout menu/Update Page Format for Score


Edit System Margins dialog box


Adjust Staff System Range dialog box


Edit Page Margins dialog box


Adjust Page Range dialog box


Page Size dialog box


Tilting Mirror dialog box


Mirror Attributes dialog box


Transposition dialog box


Selective Mirror dialog box


Beaming Chart dialog box


Placeholder dialog box


Set Placeholder dialog box


Ossia Measure Designer dialog box


Ossia Measure Assignment dialog box


Ossia Page Assignment dialog box


Tempo Adjustment dialog box


Set Swing dialog box


Duration dialog box


Document menu/Special Part Extraction


Click and Countoff dialog box


Assign to Staff dialog box




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