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About the FINMIDI.INI file

The FINMIDI.INI file is created when you confirm your MIDI Setup (MIDI/Audio menu). All settings except the playback interrupt value (“MMESpeed”) are controlled in Finale's MIDI Setup dialog box.




Optional. Defaults to 4. This value seldom needs to be edited. It controls the amount of milliseconds between playback interrupts. If you have a slower computer, you may want to increase this value to improve the playback performance. Note that the difference is very minimal. If you have a faster machine, you probably won't hear a difference at all.





Set in Finale. These settings correspond to the checkboxes in the MIDI Setup dialog box.








Do not edit. Controlled in the MIDI Setup dialog box. The only values you may need to edit are the “OutMatch” settings. They default to 1, which means that each note on is matched up to a note off, even if it's the same pitch. You may need to edit this if your MIDI device cuts off all identical notes when the first note off is received. The Gravis Ultrasound exhibits this behavior; there may be other devices that behave similarly. Normally each note off is matched by a note on.



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