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Document Options dialog box

How to get there

Choose Document > Document Options.

What it does

This dialog box allows you to change the global settings for a number of musical items. You will find global settings for augmentation dots, barlines, ties, text inserts and many other items. Choose one of the categories on the left side of this dialog box to display its options on the right.

Special mouse clicks 


Document Options-Accidentals

Document Options-Alternate Notation

Document Options-Augmentation Dots

Document Options-Barlines

Document Options-Beams

Document Options-Chords

Document Options-Clefs

Document Options-Flags

Document Options-Fonts

Document Options-Grace Notes

Document Options-Grids and Guides

Document Options-Key Signatures

Document Options-Layers

Document Options-Lines and Curves

Document Options-Multimeasure Rests

Document Options-Music Spacing

Document Options-Notes and Rests

Document Options-Piano Braces

Document Options-Repeats

Document Options-Stems

Document Options-Text

Document Options-Ties

Document Options-Time Signatures

Document Options-Tuplets



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