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Document Options-Tuplets dialog box

How to get there

The Document Options-Tuplet Definition dialog box can be accessed in two ways:

What it does

When you create a new tuplet, Finale usually places a number over it (such as the 3 above a triplet). In this dialog box, you can change the default tuplet notation; for example, you could tell Finale to display a slur or bracket in addition to the number. Thereafter, each new tuplet you create will appear with all of these visual aspects already in place.


Default Placement:

Default Position:

Horizontal Number Offset:

However, a few publishers feel that the number appears to be off-center when positioned that way as shown here.

Some publishers prefer that the number be aligned with the central stem instead of the notehead. These two text boxes let you nudge the tuplet numbers in your piece to the right or left (by entering a positive or negative number, respectively). The first text box controls only stems-up notes; the second text box controls stems-down notes. As an example, entering -14 (EVPUs) into the second text box would nudge each tuplet number just enough to align it with a triplet’s central stem. You can override this global tuplet-number positioning offset on a case-by-case basis, using the Ignore Format Offset checkbox in Tuplet Definition dialog box.

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