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Document Options-Stems dialog box

How to get there

Choose Document > Document Options and select Stems.

What it does

This dialog box contains options for controlling stem length, thickness and offset from notehead as well as options for customizing your stem connections.

The number in the Reverse Stem Adjust text box specifies where a note’s stem should end, measured in the currently selected measurement units from its normal location, in those cases where the stem direction is also reversed (see figure below).

Note, however, that Finale also considers a number of other variables when it decides how long a stem should be, including the Max Slope and Max Distance From Middle Staff (in Document Options-Beaming) parameters, as well as standard notation rules for stemming. Therefore, if you change the value for this parameter you may not see any immediate changes in the score.

You may find your score easier to edit, however, if these stems are temporarily drawn on the correct sides of their noteheads; if so, select this option. At any time, you can restore these stems to reverse-stem status by turning this option off again. (You might want to select this option at the same time you select Display Cross-staff Notes in Original Staff, so that all notes are temporarily drawn without their unusual beaming configurations.)

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