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Document Options-Multimeasure Rests dialog box

How to get there

You can access the Multimeasure Rest options from a number of places, depending on whether you’re setting up global values for multimeasure rests, extracting parts, or creating and editing multimeasure rests in your music.

What it does

Use the Multimeasure Rest dialog box to define how Finale will display multimeasure rests for the score or parts. In this dialog box, you can set up the appearance of newly created multimeasure rest measures in the score. Here, you will be define the initial appearance of each multimeasure rest Finale creates. (Finale also uses the multimeasure rest settings from the Document Options when you create a multimeasure rest by choosing Create from the Multimeasure Rests submenu in the Measure menu.) To change the appearence of an existing multimeasure rest, use the Multimeasure Rest dialog box.

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