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Multimeasure Rest dialog box

How to get there

  1. Click the Measure tool  image\Measure_Tool.gif.
  2. Select a multimeasure rest in Page View, then click on the Edit > Multimeasure Rests.
  3. Click Edit.

What it does

Use the Multimeasure Rest dialog box to define how Finale will display an existing multimeasure rest. These settings are almost identical to those in Document Options-Multimeasure Rests. You can choose between using a shape or Finale’s alternate style of notation for multimeasure rests. The alternate method combines whole and double-whole rests to represent block rests of different lengths, commonly those of eight or less measures. To select the default measurement units, click on the Edit menu, then Measurement Units, then select the desired units. To define the appearance of multimeasure rests throughout your document, see Document Options-Multimeasure Rest.

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