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Finale groups certain musical elements, such as expression markings and chord symbol suffixes, into reusable sets called libraries. The Finale installation includes a basic set of libraries in the Finale installation directory (see Finale Installation Details). There are also additional libraries installed that can be used for any document you create. And finally, you can create your own library to save commonly used element sets, even copying all elements from one document to another (see Reusing document settings); see Save Library dialog box for an explanation of the types of score elements that can be included in a library. You can include any combination of the available score elements in the same library file.

If you want to save a set of document options to apply to other documents or move document options from one document to many, you have a couple of options depending on your needs. You can transport the settings in the Document Options dialog box using a Document Options library. Or, to transport a collection of settings (or “house style”) including Document Options, page format, and others, to many files at once, use the FinaleScript plug-in.

Libraries included with Finale

Broadway Copyist Font

Chord Suffixes

Default Libraries

Engraver Font

Jazz Font

Maestro Font


Music Spacing

Petrucci Font



Handwritten Default

This library includes all the markings used in the Handwritten default document (Broadway Copyist font).

Jazz Font Default

This library includes all the markings used in the Jazz default document.

Maestro Font Default

This library includes all the markings used in the Maestro default document.

Percussion Layouts

This library contains all of the percussion layouts that you have created as well as default percussion layouts.

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