Pedal markings

A pedal marking involves two separate symbols—one where the pedal is to be depressed (), and another where it’s to be released (). You can, if you wish, also use a dotted-line bracket. There are two ways to create pedaling indications in Finale. The easiest method is to place them in the score as ClosedSmart ShapesCurves and lines that expand and compress if a measure width changes. They also automatically separate if the shape needs to stretch across more than one staff system in Page View. using the Custom Line Tool.

If you only want to add pedaling to the playback of your piece (via MIDI), you may prefer to use the MIDI tool. No graphic pedal markings appear in the score, but you’ll hear the pedaling on playback. Human Playback must be set to None to hear sustain indications added with the MIDI tool. See Playback Controls for details.