Open/Save As dialog box

How to get there

This dialog box appears in a number of circumstances in Finale with varying titles (Open, Save As, Load Library, etc.):

  • Choose File > Open, Open Worksheets & Repertoire, Save, or Save As.
  • Choose File > New > Document From Template.
  • Choose File > ScoreMerger and click Add Files.
  • Choose File > Import > MusicXML.
  • Choose File > Import > Translate Folder from MusicXML.
  • Choose an item from the Export submenu.
  • Choose File > Load Library to open Finale libraries which contain music markings that you can use in your score.
  • Choose File > Save Library to save Finale libraries which contain the current set of music markings present in your score. This dialog box works the same as any standard Open or Save As dialog box. The only difference is the File Type.
  • Choose MIDI/Audio > Audio Track > Load Audio.
  • Choose Graphics > Place Graphic (or when you click in the Shape Designer's drawing area when the Graphics tool icon is selected).
  • Choose Graphics > Check Graphics and click the Select Graphic button in the Check Graphics dialog box.

What it does

In this dialog box, you can specify what kind of file you want to open or save.

  • Save As. This option appears when saving a file. Use this field to name your file or display the name of the currently selected file.
  • Where pop-up menu. Use this pop-up menu to view the file path for your current location or navigate to another folder.
  • [Files]. Use this list box to view the files in your current location.
  • New Folder. Use this button to create a new folder when saving a file.
  • Cancel • Open • Save. Use these options to open, save, or return to your Finale file.

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